Towards a re-invention of organisational operating systems

We are convinced that the entirely new competitive environments require a fundamental and radical re-thinking of organisational design. The formerly hugely successful “industrial machines” have become a curse and are poised for extinction – their fixation on command and control, avoidance of errors, reproducibility and static efficiency make them badly suited to cope with the new realities. At the same time, they have incredible inertia – by design. So, how do you transform them? What new mindsets and values are required? Which frameworks, processes and systems constitute the operating systems of these new organisations? How do you build innovativeness, agility and radical customer-centricity into their DNA? How do you get from A to B?

Our Services

Agile transformation

We advise you on the evaluation and implementation of agile/lean frameworks and their corresponding cultural prerequisites.

New Work Environments

We advise you on the new works environments required for the new ways of working.

Starting Small

Starting small is OK and sometimes even the best way to go: we design quick molecular, iterative and experimental transformation hacks.

Services for Business Transformation