Creation of meaning, purpose and strategic direction

An organisation without a clear sense of the common purpose and its “job to be done” will be powerless and constantly at the mercy of everyone else but you. How do you create a powerful and compelling image of your organisation’s future? How do you seamlessly connect this strategy to the industry dynamics and customer needs? How do you transform your strategy creation from static one-time events to an ongoing co-creative, iterative and dynamic evolutionary process? And how do you gain the support and active engagement of your whole organisation?

Our Services

Personal Advisory

We assist you in filling the blank paper or to revise and enhance an existing strategy in personal one-on-one advisory and sparring sessions.


We design and facilitate strategy development off-sites for executive teams, workshops and large-scale events to align the entire organisation – from the first ideas to presentable outcomes.

Strategy Deployment and Communication

We design co-creative strategy deployment and communication processes and guide you through the full implementation cycle.

Services for Business Transformation