Culture drives behaviour – we design cultural interventions.

The new organisational paradigm of a highly autonomous and self-organised workforce requires new values, mindsets, skills and behavioural patterns. Jobs become much richer and, thereby, possibly more fulfilling and empowering. We move from fixed and static job descriptions to dynamic and ever-changing roles. We shift from rules and regulations to self-management guided by principles and purpose. At the same time, employees stand before the considerable challenge of taking that leap from here to there. How do you enable them to do that? How do you build the required self-confidence? How do you make change a part of everyone’s thinking and behaviour? By what means do you foster innovativeness, agility and radical customer focus?

Our Services

Diagnosis and Evaluation

We conduct cultural diagnosis and evaluation in order to comprehensively assess your starting point and chart the best course of action

Learning experiences

We design of hands-on action learning experiences to get the new agile and lean paradigms “under the skin”

Coaching and Training

Design and implementation of coaching and training programmes for teams and leaders

Culture Hacks

We love to invent and deploy experimental “culture hacks” (small-scale ad-hoc interventions)

Services for Business Transformation