We need less management – and so much more leadership.

You as a person are an essential key to the success of your organisation. How do you create compelling and engaging images of the future? How do you inspire trust and build credibility with your people? How do you become and stay an example of what you expect of others? How do you design your own behaviour as a blueprint for others to follow? How do you build the skills required to thrive in a transforming world? How do you manage the transition from “management by carrot and stick” to a leadership of serving, enabling growth and bringing out the very best in the people you lead?

Our Services

Purpose- and Vision-driven Leadership

It all starts with your personal and powerful idea of where you want to lead the organisation. Quick now: what is your idea of how your organisation will kick butt in five years? Not completely convinced yourself? We guide you to awaken, strengthen and grow your inner visionary.

Personal Agility

Being a leader in organisations moving towards the lean/agile paradigm needs a certain mind-set and behavioural skills which we call “personal agility”. We help you with getting there.

Emotional Intelligence

The foundation of leadership are empathy, establishment of mutual trust, personal integrity and open communication. Without these, even the best strategy will get you nowhere. They are the key to your success. We coach you in training and developing your emotional intelligence.

Personal Training

There is not always time to visit a seminar or course. If you need a quick and still comprehensive injection of knowledge, we are here to teach you discreetly and personally on subjects such as entrepreneurial leadership, innovation, lean transformation, agile leadership and others.

Services for Personal Transformation and Reinvention