Coming up with a large number of workable ideas in as short a time as possible.

Very often, it is not about a whole innovation process (sometimes because of lacking resources, sometimes because the scope is smaller) but rather about quickly and efficiently coming up with a handful of workable, useful ideas for enriching existing products and services or adding value in an incremental way. While we strongly discourage our clients from expecting a four-hour workshop to enable you to “disrupt your industry” and make the cover of Forbes, we have often proved that even short and intense sessions can make a huge difference.

Our Services

``Design Thinking Workshops``

We put this under quotes, because our focus is your goal and the expected result and not the method used. We just call them this way because many customers ask us whether we do them. So, yes, we do.

Design Sprints

Google invented them and now they are all the rage. What are they? A workshop five days long? Or a project five days short? No matter: they are intense and they work. We love them.

Business Design Sessions

Fast generation of value propositions or complete business models – yes, it can be done in a few hours.

Creativity Sessions

The turbo version for any kind of tricky question or messy problem. Rapid-fire idea generation supported by cutting edge tools.

Services for Product, Service and Business Model Innovation