There is a method to innovation – we design and implement impactful processes.

It has often been stated that even a breakthrough idea by itself contributes only 10% to the success of a new product or service and that the remaining 90% is the result of stringent and thorough implementation. While we think this an oversimplification, we do agree that, when it comes to successful innovation, creativity is frequently overrated and the rest of the less flashy process is often seen as an afterthought. In our experience, it is bold ambition, ruthless discipline, structure and stubborn perseverance which opens up the space, in which “the new” can become reality and ultimately make a significant difference.

Our Services

Innovation Strategy

We help you with defining your innovation goals and targets in alignment with your overall strategy.

Innovation Architecture

We assist you in setting up a lean, robust and truly supportive innovation architecture.

Innovation Teams

We take care of identifying your best players and forming them into a truly outstanding team.


We facilitate all meetings and workshops – from start to finish.

Services for Product, Service and Business Model Innovation