Do you lead the life you want?
Happy with your career?

Isn’t it curious that we often plan our work-week or holidays down to the last detail and minute, but at the same time just muddle through the rest of our life? How did we end up doing the job we are doing? Is this what we wanted? Where do we want to be next year? Or in ten? Still on the same chair as today doing exactly the same thing as always, somewhere nearby (playing it safe and hoping for the best) or somewhere completely different, doing something we always dreamt of but never dared to do?

All of these are perfectly OK, as long as they are your choice. We often feel like mice in a bogie wheel and tend to postpone asking ourselves these questions… until we’re old and/or out of options. In case you do want to do what you want to do, we’re here to guide and support you on your way.

Key Focus Areas

Finding Your Vocation

Just as an organisation without a clear sense of it’s purpose is bound to never take off, so, too, a life not built around one’s deep vocation will be bland and unremarkable. We help you with (re-)discovering the meaning and purpose in your private and professional life, answering the question: “What is my life about? What am I called to do?”

Your Perfect Job

One’s “perfect job” sits at the elusive and not easy to hit intersection of four criteria: what you truly love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and what the world really needs. By using a thorough process, we help you to uncover the sweet spot where the chance is highest by far that you will succeed and flourish.

Your Own Business?

It frequently happens at some point in a career that the question arises whether to leave the (apparent) safety and comfort of one’s job behind and take the plunge into the adventurous and challenging life of an entrepreneur – or better not. Many ask themselves the question, and few actually do it. We help you with assessing your life situation, whether the life of an entrepreneur really is for you and assess the viability of possible business ideas together with you. Dreaming is the first step – the second one may be us.

Life Reset

Yes, sometimes it all goes horribly wrong and one finds oneself in really, really deep sh*t. Friends can help with consolation and encouragement. But sometimes you need more: not only empathetic ears (or a shoulder onto which you can shed some tears) but also a solid and realistic plan for the way out and beyond. Let us be your “professional friends.”

Services for Personal Development and Reinvention