Sometimes, it may just come out too expensive to try it all alone.

Much of what we do is routine and we are well equipped to deal with most of the small extras which come up in our professional lives. Every now and then, however, we face challenges out of the ordinary: the first speech we have to give in front of a large and demanding audience, a board presentation which we feel is critically important for our career, and many others. Usually these situations have considerable upside potential though naturally, there is nearly always also a risk for a serious downside. Professional preparation and training for such a situation – when it comes up – reduces the risk, eliminates possible anxiety and dread and prepares you to function at your best.

Key Focus Areas

Speeches and Presentations

We help you with defining your communication goals and messages, designing your story, preparing your presentation material and making you self-confident for delivery – including video feedback.

Assessments and interviews

Most of the time, assessments and job interviews are a one-shot try. We assist you not only with preparing your key messages and dealing with challenging questions, but also to stay calm and mentally strong when it matters most.


We prepare you for critical and potentially conflict-ridden talks with superiors, peers, employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Preparation for Conferences & Workshops

We make you fit for the facilitation of conferences, meetings and workshops – we help you with defining your goals, understanding the needs and expectations of your participants, designing the agenda and possible supporting media and materials for maximum outcome. We also coach you on facilitation techniques and dealing with difficult situations which might arise.

Services for Personal Development and Reinvention