We not only advise on innovation – we also do it ourselves.

While facilitating innovation projects for our clients, we increasingly found ourselves tasked with taking on various parts of the process ourselves. This turned out to be an experience in which we not only thoroughly enjoyed getting our hands dirty, but which in turn led us to generate viable ideas for new products, services and business models – to the delight of our clients and their customers, as these solutions met with considerable success on the markets. Tell us what your innovation challenge is and we will let you know if it meets our area of expertise.

Our Services

Customer Exploration

We help you with defining your target customer segments and find out what their pains and needs are – with thorough research, insightful interviews, structured customer journey mapping and all the other useful tools of the trade.

Ideation & Value Proposition Design

Based on the insights gained during the customer exploration, we design solutions and value propositions which exactly nail your customer segment’s functional, emotional and social needs. This is more art than science – and we are told that we are good at it.

Validation & Experiments

In essence, every idea of a new product or service is, in the beginning, just an educated hypothesis or guess. By testing and validating the idea we make sure it really meets enthusiastic response before you go full-in with implementation.

Business Model Design

Your product or value proposition ist just part of the solution: together with you, we design the whole system surrounding your offering: financial streams, customer engagement and delivery channels, required core competencies and resources as well as helpful partnerships. A self-reinforcing business model is a thing of beauty.

Services for Product, Service and Business Model Innovation