Create superior value by partnering with your customers!

Design Thinking and Lean Startup have brought the customer much closer to the process of designing new products and services. The customer co-creation approach takes this idea one decisive step further as it invites the customer to become part of the value chain and thus blurs the boundary between the “inside” and “outside” of the company. By making the customer a collaborator in product development and value generation, not only does the company massively increase the chances of market success but it also realises potential cost savings. We are convinced customer co-creation is a trend with a big future and will become the new norm.

Our Services

Process Design

We design the whole co-creation process, from partnering to the on-going dialogue, from co-design and co-development all the way to the iterative use of the developed solution.

Partner Selection

We guide you to choosing the best fitting strategic partner(s), initialising and managing the on-going relationship.


Of course, we also provide you with the facilitation of dialogue and co-design/co-development workshops.

Crowd Sourcing

We advise on crowdsourcing of ideas and open innovation and help you to select and productively use the most promising platforms.

Services for Product, Service and Business Model Innovation