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Just as a complex world cannot be sorted neatly into boxes, the list of our services is intended only as a rough guide. In reality, every project is unique and therefore always customised and hand-crafted to meet your very specific needs and aspirations.

No matter what your specific challenge is, we help you with getting an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of your starting point, challenge you to define inspiring and actionable goals, assist you in charting the course from here to there, while guiding you every step of the way to get things done.

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Business Transformation

A new world requires a new type of organisation.

We all know it: the rules of competition have changed drastically and the attempt to survive in this breakneck environment is impossible without radically transforming the way organisations work, and that probably includes yours too. Startups have an easy time, as they can start from scratch and build on unchartered territory. But how do you radically transform a running business with all its inertia and constraints? How do you explore entirely new ways of working, without damaging the capability to perform and deliver in daily operations?

These are some of the questions we address with our approach which consists of an organic blend of a solid application of systemic consulting paradigms and stringent change management processes with cutting edge, agile, lean and customer-centric design frameworks.

We advise and accompany our clients in the design and implementation of strategy-driven transformation processes

The creation of powerful and hard-hitting strategies, the implementation of agile and lean organisational structures and processes as well as the fostering of customer-centric, co-creative and entrepreneurial mindsets: these are the intertwined fields in which organisations have to excel – more urgently than ever before. We help you to realistically assess the status quo, co-create winning strategies, provide sparring and mirroring sessions, and guide you through the implementation process. Every journey, no matter how daunting, begins with one small and easy step.

Services for Business Transformation

New Products, Services and Business Models

Innovate or die. Sounds dramatic? It is.

If you are reading this, we do not need to tell you that markets (probably also your own) are in turmoil: venerable old giants are being threatened by new competitors coming seemingly out of nowhere, immensely successful business models are becoming obsolete nearly overnight, digitisation and automation are reducing profitable product and service offerings into mere commodities, brutally transparent and saturated markets abound, and there is an increasingly high number of fickle customers for whom loyalty is a thing of the past.

At the same time, for many companies, innovation remains an elusive and mysterious undertaking, the rules of which are shrouded in mystery. And on top of that, many try to come up with something new while what they are really doing is doing the same thing as always over and over again.

We help you with creating breakthrough ideas – and making them come alive.

The last few years have seen the development of an increasingly effective and sophisticated set of methodologies and toolsets which take the haphazard and often rather random nature out of the innovation business. Start-to-finish processes have been and are being continually refined and tuned for maximum success rate on the markets.

Also, the “secrets” of beneficial organisational setups and required cultural contexts are out in the open. There is no “secret sauce” for innovating effectively – from our experience success depends mainly on a solid fit into the overall strategy, unequivocal management support and the commitment to carry through, even if the going gets rough.

Services for Innovation

Personal Transformation and Reinvention

New types of organisations require new types of leaders

As a result of the radically changing face of organisations, a new type of leader emerges: one who moves away from the traditional top-down management and control, and leans towards the creation of meaning, direction and value, of empowerment and enabling self-organised individuals and organisations, while working towards the constant improvement of the company’s operating system.

Notwithstanding the buzz about post-heroic leadership, the personality, skills and behaviour of the leader still stand at the centre of an organisation’s modus operandi – in our opinion much more so than in the past. Agile organisations require agile leaders: the massive new challenge is to constantly adapt, learn, let go, develop and reinvent yourself. The you of tomorrow needs to be someone different than the you of today. If you don’t move forward, you move backward – there is no standing still.

We guide our clients through their personal transformation

Regardless of whether you are taking the next logical step in your professional and personal development or whether you are looking for a more fundamental re-evaluation and reorientation of your work and life, we offer to guide you through this challenging and exciting journey by helping you to honestly assess your starting point, craft a powerful and compelling vision for your future, chart your course step by step and overcome the obstacles on your way.

Trust us to be your dependable and resourceful guides.

Services for Personal Transformation and Reinvention